About Oscar

Oscar’s love of ice cream really started before he was born! When his mom was pregnant with him she craved ice cream and microwave popcorn every single night. Wouldn’t you know, Oscar still eats one (or both!) of these things almost every evening.

From the time Oscar was very young he enjoyed scooping ice cream into dishes and using various syrups, candies, and sprinkles to make creative treats for his family. He has a great imagination, so was able to come up with some very detailed dishes!

As a first grader, he announced he wanted to own an ice cream shop when he grew up. This was no surprise to his family because he was regularly announcing various businesses he wanted to own when he grew up: A Magic Shop, A Football Card Shop, An Ice Cream Store – the list goes on and on. He spent hours designing the layout of the store, secret passages, gyms and daycares for the employees, where each flavor of ice cream would be in the cooler, and special features in the store to make the experience more enjoyable for customers.

Late one evening, when Oscar was 12, his mom was on facebook and her friend, Paula Burckhard (Kevin) posted an ice cream truck for sale. She quickly posted the following comment, “Don’t tell Oscar about this! This would be his dream job.” After sending the comment she immediately thought, gosh, that would be a lot of fun! Oscar could learn all the aspects of business, which is something he is very interested in. Within a few seconds she shot off a private message to Paula indicating that, on second thought, it might be something that the family would be very interested in doing, and asked Paula to please hold off selling the ice cream truck to anyone else for a couple days. Over the next few days Oscar, his mom, and step-dad talked about the opportunity to own an ice cream truck. There was a lot of conversation about the pro’s and con’s of the work involved, what could go wrong, what could go right, and what could be learned as well as earned. In the end, they all agreed it would be a good idea!

Oscar received a no-interest loan from his mom and step-dad and on February 25, 2016 wrote his first check out to purchase the truck. The truck has progressed from a Pat’s Treats truck (Fargo, ND) to an Oscar’s Ice Cream truck (Minot, ND). The truck was given a fresh coat of paint at Nybakken Body Shop (implement paint) and Joe at Graphics Lettering and Trim created graphics and put them onto magnets. The purpose for putting the graphics onto magnets was in case the truck broke down the magnets could be transferred to a rental vehicle and still operate the business while the truck was repaired. As it turns out, the truck runs pretty darn well.

The purpose of starting this business was for Oscar to learn all aspects of owning and operating a business while doing something he enjoyed. Oscar hopes by the time he is in high school he will have learned everything about the business and be able to run it entirely on his own.

On May 7, 2016, at 4:30pm, Oscar’s Ice Cream sold it’s first item, a Drumstick, to Oscar’s brother Max Murphy. The cost was $2 and we have those original dollars with a photo of the sale at Oscar’s headquarters (AKA our home office). At 5:30pm Oscar was finishing stocking the new freezer in the truck with ice cream novelties, and at 6:32pm the music was turned on and Oscar and mom pulled out of the driveway for the first of many ice cream selling days!

The folks of Minot, ND have warmly welcomed Oscar’s Ice Cream. Seeing the smiles all day long is the biggest perk of this job. Oscar is happy to be bringing back childhood memories to adults, and creating childhood memories for the younger generation. If there is one thing in life that is wholesome, delicious, fun, and loved by everyone, it must be the ice cream truck!